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Why trust Us

We are professionals with a lot of skills and experience in dog walking, sitting and minding in Brisbane and Bayside and a passion for dogs and positive reinforcement training. Dog walking Brisbane is insured, trained, police checked and certified in Canine First Aid. Most of the time we will walk your dog on their own and we have a maximum two dog policy. You must provide the contact number of your vet to confirm your dog does not have any behavioural or health issues that will affect our services. We make health, safety and wellbeing during our dog walking and dog services our priority. 

We will come and meet with you and your dog (at no charge) prior to confirming your first service. You can also have a  free trial for first time dog walking services in Brisbane & Bayside. This is so we can get to know both your likes and dislikes and you can ensure you are comfortable with our service.

Dog walking | Dog walking

Why your dog will love us

We are much more than a dog walking, sitting and minding service in Brisbane. We believe in enrichment, engagement and training. Our helpers make the most of our time with your dog, and will not only physically exercise them we will mentally exercise them by playing games, enrichment activities and training their manners.  A mentally and physically tired dog is a well-behaved dog. We individualise every service to ensure your dog gets the attention they deserve and has experiences they find enriching. 

Fur Get Me Not guarantees all of their services and all of their dog walkers consistently get a five-star rating. We ask you to rate all services regularly using this five star rating system as feedback is important to us. To see how we compare to our competitors of dog walking Brisbane click here.

If you have any questions contact us.

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