Dog Walking must-haves!

So why have a list of dog walking “must-haves”? I mean, don’t you just put a lead on your dog and head out the door? We’ve put together a list of dog walking “must-haves” so taking your dog for a walk is an enriching experience for both of you.  If you both enjoy your walk then chances are you’ll want to take them for more walks, and that’s the aim of this game.

Brisbane Dog walking equipment: 

  1. A harness that attaches at the middle of your dog’s chest. This is a MUST have. Please do not use any harnesses or leads that tighten when your dog pulls.  These are like using a choker chain on your dog. It’s cruel and unnecessary. Most dogs adjust to using front-attaching harnesses very quickly.  We think you will be amazed by how well-behaved your dog will be wearing this kind of harness.  Just make sure it is a good fit.  If the harness is too loose, it will lose its effectiveness.
  2. A long lead. We recommend a 30-metre long lead. Some dogs just need some space to run around, burn their excess energy or satisfy their curious noses.  If you get creative using a long lead, your dog will travel almost double the distance you walk while being safely in your control on a long lead.  It does take practice to get used to using a long lead.  We recommend practising on a long lead in your backyard before venturing out with it.  Long leads should be used in open spaces like fields and parks.

More tips:

  1. Don’t just keep to the streets. Pounding the same pavement daily is boring.  It’s also harder to avoid other aggressive dogs on leads or behind fences.
  2. Take a toy, ball and treats or whatever your dog loves. Create treasure hunts and play games with your dog. For most dogs they are lucky if they get out of the yard three times per week so make the most of the time and make it the most enriching experience possible for them by giving them an experience to remember.
  3. Mix up the adventure. New locations and new routes mean new smells and more things to explore. This equals a more enriching experience for you and your dog.

None of these suggestions should replace good quality positive coaching and teaching your dog good manners while on a lead.  Our professional dog nannies can help to give your dog an awesome walking experience.  Read more about our service here. 


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