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Have you heard horror stories about dog day care ? Do you have concerns about the treatment or suitability of day care for your dog? We are not saying that all dog day care is unsafe. We are just saying that there are some better options for your dog.

So why are we not a fan of dog day care?

  • Just like dog trainers, dog day care centres use different training methodologies. Unfortunately, some still use corrections, punishment or harsh treatment.
  • Dogs need rest and sleep to be healthy and wll-behaved. Most dogs sleep quite a bit when you are out at work. All they need is something enriching to break up their day to ensure their physical and mental needs are met.
  • The level of dog behaviour knowledge varies in dog day care and in large groups of dogs the supervisors need to have a very strong understanding of dog behaviour and stress and aggression signals to ensure nothing escalates into a dog fight.
  • Dogs that love other dogs and love to play will push their physical limits in these settings and are more prone to injury.
  • The level of supervision and staff ratios vary. It only takes a split second of distraction for a dog fight to escalate.
  • It is a bit like when you are in a large group setting there is bound to be one person who you don’t like. Or someone that pesters you or, worse still, bullies you.

Here are our favourite alternatives to dog day care:

  • Home Visits: A well designed home visit can be just as enriching for your dog and comes with minimal risks. It can also be a cheaper alternative.
  • Dog Walking: Organise a professional dog walker that will walk your dog either on their own or with an appropriately matched dog. Remember only ever agree to your dog being walked with one other dog as a dog walker walking a pack of dogs is not a safe alternative.
  • Doggy Dates: This is where two dogs are matched and have appropriate size, age, play styles and behaviour. This should be entirely supervised by a trained professional.
  • Doggy Play Care: Our suggestion is this should be a maximum of four dogs who have been matched to have appropriate size, age, play styles and behaviour. This also should go for a maximum of two hours.

To see more about the alternatives Fur Get Me Not offers to dog day care click here. 

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