We offer two alternatives to Brisbane dog day care. These are safer dog play and socialisation alternatives. We offer doggy play dates (maximum two dogs) or doggy play care (maximum of four dogs).

Doggy Play Dates

Continued and safe socialisation is important for all dogs. We are not into polydogamous relationships, so these dates will only ever be between two dogs that have appropriate play styles and socialisation to ensure that both dogs have a safe and good time. This will take place at one of the dog’s yards or out and about on a walk together. We will always start by walking the dogs together to ensure they are an appropriate match.  Prices start at $30 for 30 minutes or $50 for 1 hour.

Doggy Play Care an alternative to Brisbane Dog Day Care

We pick up your dogs and transport them to our suburban tropical paradise. Our yard is fully fenced has tropical plants, trees and a chill out and swimming space. See video below for a demo of our play care space.

Play time is always 90-minutes-long.  You can expect your dog to be out for approximately  2 hours. These sessions give your dog an opportunity to play with other dogs in a very small select group with a maximum of four dogs at any one time.

Our play group supervisor will get to know your dog’s play style and personality to ensure your dog plays safely, and gets the right amount of exercise every visit. Spaces for this service are limited and not appropriate for all dogs. Your dog will need to undergo a basic socialisation assessment to ensure we understand their social and play skills and can match them appropriately. Doggy play care sessions are $50 per session.

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