Fur Get Me Not’s Brisbane dog minding  is our professional home visiting service.  Home visiting services are a great alternative to walking and/or sitting.  Home Visits can include exercise, games, fresh water, meals, grooming, clean up of waste, training, medication and of course lots of love and attention! Our carers make the most of every visit with your dog. Your dog gets our undivided attention.

This Brisbane Dog Minding service is ideal for:

  • An alternative to dog sitting if you don’t need someone to stay overnight.
  • A friend or family member is looking after your dog but they work long days.
  • Dogs with separation anxiety.
  • Dogs with storm or firework phobias.
  • Escape artists.
  • Breaking up a long day for your dog and their behaviour is not appropriate for walking services.
  • Going out for the night and want a helper to check in or feed your dog.
  • Dogs with health issues that may need checking on, medication or more regular feeding.
  • Dogs that are physically unable to go for walks.
  • Rehabilitating a dog, under the guidance of your Vet we can assist with the rehabilitation of your dog.
  • Hot days we can play with them in water, give them an ice block or turn fans or air-conditioning

Brisbane Dog minding includes but are not limited to:

  • Referral of suitable dog nannies. Our dog nannies are thoroughly vetted, policed checked, trained and insured.
  • We will organise a (at no cost) time to meet you and your dog at your home to discuss your requirements and so you can meet your dog nanny and make sure you and your dog are comfortable.
  • 24/7 on-call service for dog nannies & dog guardians. Only ever a phone call or text away for support or updates on your dog.
  • Our dog nannies love it when you are specific with your requirements, feel free to give us as much detail and instructions as you want. We will respect and follow your wishes and instructions.
  • We can also: water the garden, collect the mail, take out and bring in rubbish bins and whatever else you may need done whilst you are away!
  • Do basic obedience training with your dog to help them maintain their manners and mentally stimulate them.
  • Fur Get Me Not sees you and your dog as part of the family. We will provide advice and recommendations between services and can help you to source dog equipment, food and toys or check out our pet care services and pet taxi.
  • Will play games whilst on the walk with your dog to keep it a high enrichment activity.
  • Fully insured, police checked and certified in Canine First Aid.
  • We use an App or all our services which is a GPS tracking device that allows you to see on a map where and when we visited your dog, this will then send you an email with a map, photos and notes after each visiting service.

dog minding Brisbane | dog minding BrisbaneContact us to book your next service.

Ask about the many other services we offer, including dog walking, home visits, sitting, transport & support and more. No matter what you need, you can trust Fur Get Me Not for a professional, friendly and comprehensive service.

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