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The below dog trainer resources are sorted alphabetically by category. You can also use the search or find function on your browser. Please note that this is not a replacement for qualified support by a force free trainer and/or behaviour vet.


Behaviour Vets

Why seeing a Behaviour Vet can be the best thing for you and your dog By Fur Get Me Not

Body Language

Body Language an introduction by Fur Get Me Not


Looking after your dog and children by Fur Get Me Not

Enrichment & Dog Yoga

How to add some dog yoga to your day by Fur Get Me Not

How to make a snuffle mat 

How zookeepers think about enrichment by Fear Free Happy Homes

Keeping your dog stimulated on a rainy day by Dognition

Lickimats- Why we love them by Fur Get Me Not

Snuffle mat mayhem by All Pets Education & Training

Snuffle gardens

Sprinkles TM by Sally Hopkins

The bucket game by Chirag Patel

The canine sense of smell by Randy Kidd

33 DIY dog toys by BarkPost


Eight tips to help fearful dogs by Zazie Todd

Fear of men by Patricia McConnell

How to calm the fearful dog by Suzanne Clothier

It’s ok to comfort your dog by Eileen Anderson

Overcoming fears with desensitisation and counter-conditioning by Debra Horwitz

Handy Apps

Dog Decoder App

Razor Prank

Dog Training

Top tips for using a high reward treat by Fur Get Me Not

Treat training- What is it and why we love it by Fur Get Me Not

Is a group dog training class best for my dog by Fur Get Me Not

Why you shouldn’t use time out by Fur Get Me Not

How to train a stubborn dog by Fur Get Me Not

Identifying a positive dog trainer by Fur Get Me Not




What to do if your dog has a panic attack by Fur Get Me Not

Should I walk my reactive dog by Fur Get Me Not


Acepromazine by Dr Karen Overall

Does my dog really need anxiety medication? by Colleen Markley

Don’t ‘ace’ the fear by Dr Marty Becker

Giving medication to your pet by Fear Free Happy Homes

Medication: First line therapy or last resort? by Dr Jen’s Dog Blog

The medication conundrum by Malena DeMartini

This article won’t change your mind about anti-anxiety medication by Julie Naismith

Tryptophan Myth by Linda P. Case

Muzzle Training

Misconceptions about muzzles by Dr Jen’s Blog

Muzzle training by All Pets Education & Training

Muzzle training by Kikopup

Teaching a dog to wear a muzzle by Chirag Patel


Do dogs feel pain like humans? by Stanley Coren

How can you tell your dog is in pain by Adelaide Vet

Mind and body by Jaime Jackson

Pain and problem behaviour in cats and dogs 

Pain should never be used as a restraint by Jaime Jackson


How to choose a breeder by Fur Get Me Not

How to leave your puppy home alone by Fur Get Me Not

How to socialise my puppy by Fur Get Me Not

Introducing a collar by Fur Get Me Not

Introducing the lead by Fur Get Me Not

Puppy Fear impact periods by Fur Get Me Not

Should you do more than puppy school with your puppy by Fur Get Me Not

Why we don’t believe puppy play has a place in puppy school by Fur Get Me Not


Should you let your dog sleep on the bed by Fur Get Me Not

dog trainer resources

Whatever the scenario you find yourself in, we can help by revealing an effective gentle communication which all dogs understand. Once you learn and adopt this communication, your dog will look to you for guidance in each and every area of their lives. As a result of this positive communication, all undesirable behaviour will disappear to create a happy, calm and positive relationship.

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Helen Klieve
Helen Klieve
21:17 23 Feb 20
Cassie was great - she was so understanding and supportive and we spent our initial time really assessing the issue and seeing lots of supports to help manage what was a major anxiety issue (also associated with his Cushings). We needed to take my little man to the behavioural vet for medication... and she made time to come down for the visit and also be a back up support for discussing strategies throughout. Really caring and with a very deep understanding of dogs and behaviour - and also how owners manage. I saw the broad range of services she offered - great. Really recommendread more
Ash A
Ash A
08:24 09 Feb 20
Fur Get Me Not is a great training school. We've just finished up puppy school and have enrolled Jupiter into advanced puppy school. Cassandra and Tara and both great teachers and they've done fantastic job to creates a safe, creative and fun space for learning. Highly recommended ...
Jordyn Bennett
Jordyn Bennett
04:29 27 Oct 19
Cannot recommend these courses enough!Tara was absolutely fabulous, extremely knowledgeable and has taught us invaluable lessons about our puppy!
Kelly Hawford
Kelly Hawford
01:29 08 Sep 19
We did private training with Cassandra and found her so compassionate and helpful. After implementing her advice it’s like we have a whole new dog. He is happy and a well mannered family member. Definitely the best Dog Behaviourist in Brisbane!
Yel li
Yel li
00:32 08 Jun 19
Best Puppy School in Brisbane!! Cassandra and the whole experience at Fur Get Me Not was just amazing! We received so much guidance and information on how to train our little puppy Leia and on how to build a great relationship. Don't hesitate to book a course at Fur Get Me Not, we can't wait for... Leia's advanced training to start :) Thanks for everything!read more
Jane Riley
Jane Riley
11:53 23 May 19
We loved doing classes with you with Archie! It was so much better than any dog obedience club or class in Brisbane. Archie and I both had so much fun and I loved that you gave us individual attention and tips.
Hannah Tohill
Hannah Tohill
04:16 23 May 19
Linus loved his time at Puppy school and was absolutely smitten with Cass! Really inclusive yet small sized puppy classes which means you get plenty of one-on-one time and Cass is so patient and knowledgeable. Plenty of training options beyond just the initial puppy school as well as puppy &... adolescent playgroup which has been so good for exercise and socialisiation! Great facility too with the shop including puzzles, leads, food, treats etc. Highly recommend!!read more
Morgan Dodds
Morgan Dodds
05:32 18 May 19
Fur Get Me Not is a great training school. We've just finished up puppy school and have enrolled into advanced puppy school. Cassandra is a great teacher and creates a safe, creative and fun space for learning. She is such a wealth of knowledge and is always happy to answer questions and give... more
Brianna Winsor
Brianna Winsor
13:45 03 May 19
We have just completed the puppy preschool with our Spoodle, and it was excellent. Cassie is very knowledgeable and patient, and passionate about positive and “natural”methods of dog training. The training methods are easy to understand and follow, and Cassie always makes sure the pups and owners... are enjoying the challenge and not getting frustrated. Small class sizes are great, and Cassie is also very responsive to any follow-up questions via email or socialMedia. We will be signing up for the more advanced classes in the future!read more
Sue Orth
Sue Orth
08:55 30 Mar 19
I can honestly say Cassandra is so knowledgeable and patient. My puppy is a bit on the barky side and Cassandra has taken the time to give me one on one advice and skills to help me with ongoing training. After completing puppy preschool I enrolled her into the manners class and she loves attending... playgroup. Highly recommend Fur Get Me Not and more
Claire Jager
Claire Jager
11:54 20 Mar 19
Cassie and Courtney have been fantastic in helping us train our Labrador puppy Billie. We have been attending the playgroups since Billie was 3 months old and now Billie can play nicely with all dogs big or small. I would highly recommend them. Their love of dogs is clearly evident.
Mark Milinkovic
Mark Milinkovic
07:43 17 Mar 19
Cooper and I love Cassie and her team ? we have been using Fur Get Me Not for nearly 10 months now and will continue to in the future. Cassie was great when we had “biting” issues with our young Aussie Shepherd and gave great guidance. We have completed a few courses with Cassie and found that her... enthusiasm is infectious with the dogs and they just love training with her. We love her positive reinforcement training methods and know Cooper adores Cassie. Leaving a young pup at home alone while we went to work was hard but having Cassie drop by during the day to check on him was reassuring. We even trust Cassie with the keys to our house! We can’t recommend Cassie and her team enough, they have made training so enjoyable and easy. We can’t wait to get another pup to do the training all over again!read more
Anita Armstrong
Anita Armstrong
05:02 16 Mar 19
We LOVE Cassie & her team from Fur Get Me Not! She has been an absolute lifesaver on many occasions over the past 2years we’ve been using her services for regular twice weekly dog walking. Cassie gently and carefully re-trained our playful, strong willed pup to walk politely on a lead and has... come to my rescue when I’ve run out of food (many times). Cassie is an amazing trainer & so passionate about good quality care for our favourite furry family member! Cassie has excellent customer service, is flexible & so willing to accomodate. Can’t recommend her highly more
Megan McStea
Megan McStea
04:33 16 Mar 19
Wagging tails, bouncing paws and great excitement describes our house when Cassie or one of the team arrive at our house. Happy dogs happy mum... brilliant walking training and dog sitting... cannot recommend them enough
Timothy Tey
Timothy Tey
17:44 19 Feb 19
Cass is a great trainer who is knowledgeable in all areas and has useful, practical and realistic advice. I have been particularly impressed at the help given towards each of our specific issues. We are lucky to have found these classes and would recommend as absolutely essential for anyone looking... to bring a new dog into the more
09:45 11 Feb 19
I can honestly say that Cassie and her team at Fur Get Me Not are the best, we went to other training schools and Cassie is a stand out. My dog has anxiety, so not only is Cassie great for general manners, she is also an accomplished behaviourist, who understands dog anxiety (and owners) when my... dog was displaying obnoxious social behaviours such as barking and attention more
Jill Langdon
Jill Langdon
00:40 11 Feb 19
Cassandra was wonderful with my puppy Billy! I have been to other schools in Brisbane and they do not compare! So fun and positive and I learnt so much! A nice small class in aircon! So we got plenty of individual attention. Thank you!
Georgina Fogarty
Georgina Fogarty
09:00 18 Dec 18
This, I can honestly say, is the best pet training place i have ever been to. Cassandra was amazing and helped me to understand my dogs needs and helped me to be able to train her properly and effectively. A very positive experience overall and i will be back
Linzy Keegan
Linzy Keegan
23:49 03 Oct 18
Highly recommend Fur Get Me Not. My puppy Murphy just completed his Puppy Preschool and will definitely be continuing with puppy school here. I have received so much support and guidance on how to train Murphy whilst giving him the opportunity to interact and play with all sorts of other dog... breeds. I have had dogs my whole life and thought i was pretty knowledgeable but i have learnt so much from Cassandra. I also recommend there puppy play dates where you get further advice and more
Brooke Francis
Brooke Francis
06:14 21 Aug 18
Fur Get Me Not basic manners class has changed my life, my dog is a completely different dog. You can notice a difference after just a week. Defiantly recommend and will continue to use Cassandra and her team for any further training for my dog.
Tia Page-Rooney
Tia Page-Rooney
11:57 11 Jul 18
I honestly couldn’t thank Cassandra enough for how she has helped Bow over come his fears as a pup of other dogs! He was extremely nervous and shy the first time we went to puppy pre-school and now after the third time he is a totally different dog. He knows his basic commands, comes to his name,... and doesn’t bark at other dogs. Definitely give Cassandra a call if you’re interested in puppy school, definitely one of the best!!!!! Highly more
Nicholas Wilson
Nicholas Wilson
23:10 05 Jul 18
Cassandra is an excellent teacher - incredibly patient and well-explained. She adapts well to situations where normal training methods may not be having the desired effects. I highly recommend her services! Her explanations and demonstrations of how our human behaviour influences and teaches the... dogs is both enlightening and incredibly more
Raven Blackwell
Raven Blackwell
19:51 04 Jul 18
I asked Cassandra to help me get a planned approach with training for my rescue dog but she gave us so much more than that. She helped me identify and structure my plan to meet the needs of Wednesday and our family. She was so kind and generous, Wednesday loved her and had a great time with her.... She gave me lessons and tips on how to succeed in training at home and many great ideas for enrichment activities for my smart, active dog. I felt I got more than I asked for or even knew that I needed. Thank you Cassandraread more
Estelle Chapman
Estelle Chapman
09:19 03 Jul 18
I asked Cassie to help with my dog's fear of other dogs and she came to the rescue. An hour and a half later, with her gentle and caring approach, both he and I were feeling much better - she left us with the tools to address the problem and her follow-up support has been amazing. I highly... recommend her more
Amy Voss
Amy Voss
12:49 30 Jan 18
Fantastic service. Kept us updated on everything our puppy was up to while we were out of town. Loved getting the photos through as my pup always looked like he was having so much fun. Will be using this service again!
Judy Radford
Judy Radford
22:01 17 Dec 17
Everyone at Fur Get Me Not are amazing. They are so friendly and helpful. Kai now sits when requested,and comes when called (unless there is something super interesting like a bird). They not.only walk your dog they do a little bit of training, games and interesting and fun things for your dog to... do. Kai could hear Kellie get out of her car and he would be so excited to see her it would take him a few minutes to calm down. I would absolutely recommend this service to anyone who has a dog!read more
Bella Cox
Bella Cox
11:23 16 Dec 17
I am so impressed by Fur get me not's professionalism, they don't just walk your dog, they consider what enjoyment they can deliver to them. The map that tracks their walk and the location of where they take photos that they provide is amazing. I have recently had an operation and can't walk my... dog, she is only young and I was worried that all the training that I have done with her would be forgotten but this is a such a brilliant alternative as fur get me not will continue with reminding her of her manners and practise loose leash walking . Well done Fur Get Me Not !!read more
Melissa Larsson
Melissa Larsson
21:40 14 Oct 17
The owner is incredibly trustworthy. She has a genuine love for dogs and how their well-being is maintained.
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith
19:15 09 Oct 17
Cassie has such a beautiful soul. She has a genuine love and passion for animals and their welfare. Cassie has the biggest, kindest and caring heart which really resonates in her work. She is easy to talk to, get along with and has a knack for putting you at ease!
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