We are your professional dog walker

We promise that your dog walker will make health, safety, peace of mind and wellbeing our priority for your dog. Your dog will get the most out of every dog walking service. Dog walkers do not walk dogs in groups. We do not take your dog to dog parks. We will walk your dog on its own.  There would only ever be a maximum of two dogs on every walk. Your walker will spend every minute focused on your dog engaging, enriching and training them!

Your dog walker will only use positive techniques. Never using any harsh or punishment techniques. Dog walkers are fully trained and have attended positive reinforcement based training. Walkers are trained in what to do if they are exposed to a difficult situation whilst on a walk (Canine First Aid). Your walker will build a relationship with you and your dog to really get to know what your dog needs. Your dog will be returned happy, physically, mentally tired and better behaved.

We guarantee all our services and all our dog walkers consistently get a five-star rating. We ask you to rate all services regularly using this five star rating system as  feedback is important to us.

What to expect from your dog walker

  • Avoid street walking, and with your permission ,we will either walk or transport them to a local park, field, creek, beach or bush.
  • Do basic obedience training with your dog to help them maintain their manners and mentally stimulate them.
  • Use a 30-metre leash with your dog whilst in large open spaces so that your dog has the freedom to explore, run and really enjoy the walk. As a result, we have found that if our map says a 5 kilometre walk, the freedom of a long leash gives your dog the equivalent of a 7.5 kilometre walk.
  • Use an App for all our walking services.  This has GPS tracking device  that allows you to see exactly where we went with your dog. It will then send you an email with a map, photos and notes after your service.
  • You and your dog are part of the Fur Get Me Not family. This means we will provide advice and recommendations between services and can help you to source dog equipment, food and toys or check out our pet care services and pet taxi.
  • Provide our own natural and high quality treats.
  • Play games whilst on the walk with your dog to keep it a high enrichment activity.
  • Insured, police checked and certified in Canine First Aid.
  • Your walker will only use our mobiles on a service to take a picture of your pooch or an absolute emergency. This means we will not listen to music as we are there entirely for your dog’s entertainment.

Contact us to book your next service.

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