How to find Dog Walking Jobs

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How to find Dog Walking Jobs

For whatever reason,  you have searched “dog walking jobs”. Maybe you just love dogs and want to spend every day making dogs happy; or it seems a great idea to get paid to exercise. In our opinion, it takes a lot more than a passion for dogs and exercise to make a great dog walker.

Dog walkers in Brisbane are highly unregulated and there are plenty of dog walkers out there that set up for the short term and without any experience or training – or worse still – without the appropriate level of insurance!  At Fur Get Me Not we pride ourselves  in providing a premium service, which means that we only want the best people working for us. So if you are looking for “Dog Walking Jobs” and want to make sure you are the best and able to be trusted with someone’s very much loved mate, you need to have the following skills, experience, personality and knowledge.

The best dog walkers in Brisbane are:

  • Experienced and understand positive reinforcement training techniques. They do not use force or corrections to train a dog and will have, at a minimum, completed at least two different dog training courses with their own dog.
  • Police checked.
  • Prepared to maintain certification in canine first aid.
  • Exceptional with people and able to provide great customer service.
  • Mature with plenty of life experience with dogs.
  • Flexible and look for ways to improve the life of dogs and make dog ownership easier for their clients.
  • Able to read dog behaviour and can recognise the most subtle calming and stress signals in dogs.
  • Safety conscious. They will always be looking for ways to avoid putting a dog at risk.
  • Reliable and able and willing to walk in the rain and heat (as long as it’s safe for the dog).
  • Creative and looking for new ways to make a walk more enriching for your dog.
  • Committed to ongoing training and learning.
  • Experienced with a variety of breeds and behaviours.

Not easy to get a dog walking job, is it? Well, you could always join one of those sites that directly links clients to walkers if you want it easy. However, we only want the best and are always looking for people who meet the above criteria to be a walker or sitter with Fur Get Me Not. People this fantastic are hard to find and we will not compromise on quality. If you think you can meet Fur Get Me Not’s standard read more here. 

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