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dog walking tracks Brisbane | Tarragindi Annerley


As professional dog walkers in Brisbane South, we really get to know some of the best dog walking tracks in Brisbane. Therefore, we are looking at the areas of Tarragindi and Annerley and our top two favourite dog walking tracks that result in maximum enrichment and safety for your dogs.

Tarragindi Recreation Reserve – Dog walking tracks

Tarragindi Recreation Reserve is a great spot and has two off-street dog walking zones. Firstly, let’s look at the Sarah Street or Lawrie Street entrance/exit. This is probably only a 10-minute walk each way along this track, but there is plenty to do to extend that 10 minutes. You will find a wide bushy track which provides plenty of shade.  You can also take a detour off the track into a bit of bush and is great if you have a dog that enjoys using their nose. My personal favourite detour is the small creek close to the entrance of Sarah Street. It’s small yet is great for keeping your dog cool in the hotter weather.

If you are needing a longer dog walk, you can follow Lawrie Street and cross the road into the Vinray Street Park.  Otherwise turn right onto Sarah Street and walk past Bruno’s café (if you can resist the aroma of coffee!) and you will find the second part of Tarragindi Recreation Reserve.  This part of the Reserve is a nice park with a wide walking track, dog park, toilets and playground.

Ekibin Park South (Annerley) – Dog walking tracks

This is my personal favourite as you can get a decent hour dog walk in. There are plenty of large open grassed areas which are perfect for putting your dog on a 30-metre leash and giving them maximum freedom and enjoyment whilst dog walking. The bike path gets busy with runners and bike enthusiasts, so I recommend walking out from the path along the grass area. Also, your dog will enjoy that more, too, and you can throw a ball, stick, chase birds and have more of a chance of avoiding other dog interactions.

There is also a nice creek under the bridge at the entrance for your dog to cool down or do some swimming. It’s a personal preference as to whether you want to allow your dog to swim in the waterways that run along this walking track. Please exercise caution if you have a water-focused dog.  Unfortunately, I have seen a dog get swept away and some of the jumps into the waterway are very high and your dog could hurt themselves.


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