dog training classes | come when called

These dog training classes are all about how to train your dog to come when called – which is such an important skill for dog parents to teach their dogs. There’s nothing scarier than watching a dog take off while their owner helplessly runs after them, screaming at them to come back.  It’s terrifying, stressful and overwhelming.  These dog training classes will help your dog to come when called and every time they are called. That is what we call a rocket recall.

  • Friendly qualified instructor with a passion for enabling dog to problem solve
  • Positive reward based training
  • Small class sizes – no more than 5 dogs
  • Individual attention
  • Fun, sociable and informative
  • 6 x 45 minute sessions
  • Families, including well-behaved children 10 years and over are welcome

This course is also not appropriate for dogs who are reactive or nervous of other dogs.

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