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If your question has not been answered in these FAQ please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We endeavour to make it easy for you but we can’t possibly answer every FAQ online, but we are always happy to receive a call, text or email with your FAQ.

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What Dog Training sessions do you offer?

We offer private dog training sessionsin your home, online or a local park (if appropriate). We can help address any behavioural problem and or help you teach any behaviour. 

I have an old dog that has never done any dog training before, is that okay?

Absolutely, it’s a complete myth that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. If you would feel more comfortable, you could start with private training.

What do I need to organise before my consult?

We will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire 24 hours prior to the session so that we can prepare and get to know your dog. We also strongly recommend you take some videos of “a day in the life of your dog” for any behavioural issues. 

Can you teach my child how to behave with my dog?

Yes! If you book the addition of our child focused Trainer. She is very experienced at coaching children, and she will work with your young one’s while our dog behaviourist works with the adults to ensure the whole family gets the most out of the training.

What is a behavioural consultation

A behavioural consultation is an assessment and treatment plan to address complex and problematic behaviours. This is not like typical dog training; we will ensure we take the time to understand the underlying emotional state before diving in as we want to make sure our treatment will be effective.

If I use treats to train my dog, will he always expect a reward?

If you get paid for going to work, will you continue to turn up for work? If you use treats to train your dog you will get a dog that is motivated to work for you and finds you the most rewarding thing in their world.

Can we make a request for a topic on your dog training blog?

We would love that! Please email your ideas to

I just adopted a rescue dog and have no idea what I am doing, can you help?

We love helping people to settle in their new rescue dog. It was having our own rescue dogs that inspired us to help others. Rescue dogs need a unique and gentle approach to help them adjust to their new life. We recommend starting with private training so that we can give you individual advice.

What is different about your canine training school?

Canine training schools are unregulated, so we are one of the very few that are certified and qualified. We are committed to only using methods that are scientifically proven and effective and will never use any methods that will cause pain or discomfort.

Are all your sessions and consults online?

We offer in person as well as online sessions. Online sessions are great for those who are on a budget, live in a remote area or have a dog that is not great with visitors. 

How much does a Dog Trainer cost?

Prices vary across dog training services and so does quality of service. We only offer the highest quality of service to your dog but are committed to keeping our prices reasonable and affordable. Our private training starts at $130 per hour. View our services here

What kinds of dogs are suitable for online training?

Any dog is suited to online training. We can effectively train any age, ability, breed or problem. We can often demonstrate with our own dogs or send you video demonstrations or review videos you send us.

What payment options do you offer?

We accept credit and debit card payments and all services must be paid in advance.

What is your cancellation policy?

All classes and private training cannot be cancelled. We can offer a reschedule if you give us a minimum of 72hrs notice. Otherwise you may forfeit the session. If you or your dog are unwell you can have the session via phone or zoom. 

Do you have terms of service?

We are one of the very few dog training schools that offer certified and qualified behavioural training. Which means you have probably never experienced training like ours before. We have clearly laid out our terms of services so that you aTerms & Conditionsre clear as to what to expect and you can read them here.Terms & Conditions

What is your privacy policy?

You can read our privacy policy here.

How can you effectively train my dog online?

Very effectively! But don’t just take our word for it, check out our google reviews . Afterall, we are training you and not your dog. We don’t believe in training your dog for you, as we are not the ones living with your dogs. If you want them to give you reliable behaviour, we need to train you how to train and communicate effectively with your dog.

dog classes

Whatever the scenario you find yourself in, we can help by revealing an effective gentle communication which all dogs understand. Once you learn and adopt this communication, your dog will look to you for guidance in each and every area of their lives. As a result of this positive communication, all undesirable behaviour will disappear to create a happy, calm and positive relationship.

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Jane Anderson
Jane Anderson
Thank you for helping us to decide on whether we were suitable for rehoming a rescue, Cassie. You asked super valuable questions and really listened to our concerns. You helped us to make a conscious choice about what is right for us and take the steps to determine that we were doing the right thing. Ultimately we decided we weren't ready to be a 2 dog family, and we're so glad to gain this insight before taking on a commitment to a second dog. Thank you so much for your advice and support. - Mark, Jane, and Winston
Jannine Gearon
Jannine Gearon
Cassie is so great at thinking outside the box. She has a really flexible approach to training and finds what works for you and your dog. I highly rate her
Sarah Swann
Sarah Swann
The communication was wonderful. They sent weekly reminders about the classes and would even send us a text before the class started. They were happy to answer any questions and would even stay behind after to go through any concerns I had with my dog’s behaviour at home. Tara was amazing and soooo great with buckwheat. Would happily go to another class that she was teaching.
Tamara Milne
Tamara Milne
We are so appreciative of the private dog training we did with Alicia and Cassie. They are both incredibly knowledgable and professional in their approach, and both went out of their way to provide additional help and support. Our great dane has benefited immensely from this training and we couldn't recommend this service more highly!
Catriona Sutcliffe
Catriona Sutcliffe
I wanted some help with my new rescue dog’s on-leash walking manners. A week after a single one-on-one session with Tara, and it’s like I’m walking a different dog. No more pulling! She gave me some great strategies to help with reactive behaviours and some really simple tricks which just make life so much easier. Walks are now so much more enjoyable, and he’s gone from constantly pulling and paying absolutely no attention to me, to walking on a loose leash and constantly checking in with me during the walk. The one in one session was a great investment.
J Mertin
J Mertin
Thanks for offering training using modern science-based animal training methods! Such a refreshing change from the outdated, harsh methods and so much more effective, and fun!
Cassie was absolutely brilliant! I have been struggling with barking with my 6yr old anxious staffy for years. We felt like we had tried everything and Cassie came and it felt like she gave us those last few missing puzzle pieces. As soon as we started enacting her advice we have had a massive improvement and have not looked back since. Not only this but she arrived right on time and was super friendly and compassionate with zero judgement. I've been to a lot of people with my little one and I can happily say Cassie is by far the best trainer we have been to.
Lauren Cossettini
Lauren Cossettini
After just one private session with our new puppy, we feel far more confident that we will be able to address some of our concerns thanks to the support and professional advice we received. We would recommend the company to anyone experiencing the need for some professional support and advice. The ongoing support has also been most helpful!