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Q: Why should I use a Fur Get Me Not sitter?

A: Your dog will remain in their home where they are familiar, secure and comfortable. Your dog will follow their normal diet and routine. Dogs will not be exposed to any illnesses in other animals. Most importantly, your dog receives lots of love and personal attention while you are away. Brisbane Pet sitting is fully insured and dog nannies have been thoroughly screened and trained. Our dog nannies have passed a background check and have experience and knowledge of positive reinforcement based training so we can even work on your dog’s manners for you. To find out more about our Brisbane pet sitting  click here.

Q: How much does a dog walker cost?

Prices vary across dog walking services in Brisbane and so does quality of service. We only offer the highest quality of service to your dog. Our prices start at $50 per hour. We believe in giving your dog an enriching, personalised and safe experience.

Q: What areas do you service?

We service most of the Brisbane & Bayside region. For more specific information click here. Our budget pet products are shipped Australia wide.

Q: Why don’t you walk groups of dogs or take my dog to the dog park?

We are committed to providing the safest service for your dog. Imagine the scenario of most dog walkers where they have four dogs they are walking or they are in a dog park and they encountered an aggressive dog off leash. Even the best  trained professional would struggle to avoid injury for all four dogs. This is why the majority of the time it will only be your dog on a walk and we have a “two dog maximum” policy.

Q: Do you provide transport?

Yes we do. We are committed to going the extra mile to help make responsible dog ownership easier. We understand that you have busy lives and sometimes need a pet taxi to take them to grooming appointments and vet appointments to find out more click here.

Q: What can a service include?

A: All our dog care services are designed to meet your individual needs. Regardless of the service type you can request a combination of walking, visiting, sitting, feeding, fresh water checks, frozen treats, refilling treat dispensers, games, brushing, medication, training manners, enrichment activities, mail and newspaper brought in, plants watered, lights on and off, bins brought in, transport and referral and information. In fact, if it helps you to give your dog the best life then we can help!

Q: Do you always visit at the time we ask for?

A: We are committed to providing a reliable service. We will deliver your service in the agreed timeframe. If possible, we usually ask for some flexibility with the time, so that we can deliver your service at the best time of day for the best possible weather.

Q: Do I always have to give you keys?

A: No that’s completely up to you and what you are comfortable with. We will work with whatever you are comfortable with. We can always collect or interact with your dog in the yard. Remember, we are fully insured and have had a background check and we will send you a copy.

Q: Is the meet ‘n’ greet free?

A: The initial consultation (meet ‘n’ greet) is FREE and there is no obligation to book services. We want you and your dog to be completely comfortable with our dog nannies and service.

Q: What happens in an emergency?

A: We will design an emergency plan and agreement as part of the initial consultation.

Q: Do you pick up my dog’s waste when you are walking?

A: Yes, we do, and we provide our own bags.

Q: What kind of dogs do you care for?

A: We care for all dogs. We are skilled and experienced with all breeds and sizes. Unfortunately, we do need to exclude banned breeds as defined by the Council. We do not care for any dogs with serious aggression issues unless they are under the care of a qualified behaviourist. We can help you to organise a suitably qualified behaviourist and will work alongside them to get maximum improvement in your dog’s behaviour. For advice about dog training recommendations contact us.

Q: May I book my visits through my dog nanny directly?

A: No, as a professional dog walking business, for insurance purposes we need to coordinate all bookings and changes to bookings. You can do this via Facebook, text, call or email us.

Q: What hours do you provide services?

A: Our services are generally between 5:30am to 9:00pm (negotiable).

Q: Will I have the same dog nanny every time?

A: We prefer the continuity of the same dog nanny each time. In rare cases that your nanny is not available then a fully informed substitute nanny will be available for back up.

Q: Do you offer any sort of satisfaction guarantee?

A: We will guarantee it every time! If you are not 100% satisfied with the service that was provided, we will address your concerns. We believe in lasting client relationships, so our service is only complete when you return home and are completely satisfied.

Q: What experience do you have with dogs?

A: All dog nannies have multiple years’ experience with dogs of a variety of sizes, ages and breeds. Your nanny is mature and professional with a proven history of responsible dog ownership and an ongoing commitment to developing their skills in positive reinforcement based training techniques. All nannies have completed training and all are supervised by a qualified canine coach.

Q: I am leaving in two days and don’t have time to meet one of your dog nannies. Will you take care of my dog without meeting them?

A: Yes! Although we do prefer to do a meet n’ greet prior, we understand that sometimes this is not possible. We will still need to gather the same information from you via email, phone or social media and ensure we can access your dog safely. Enquire about Brisbane dog minding  here. An alternative is also our home visiting service.

Q: Will you do dog walking in poor weather?

A: We will walk your dog even when you won’t! Rain does not stop us; cold weather doesn’t stop us and neither does the heat. Your pets’ health and well-being when dog walking is our utmost concern so, although rare, we won’t walk in a storm or extreme weather. However, we can still exercise and enrich your dog undercover or offer an alternative time or day. Therefore, we try and organise a time slot so that we have flexibility to keep an eye on the weather and walk your dog at the best time of the day. You can read more about our dog walking here.

Q: How do I know what you did with my dog?

A: We utilise an app that tracks the GPS of our dog nannies.  This app will email you a map, distance, photos and notes after every service. Enquire about Brisbane dog walking here.

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Yes. We are fully insurance and we can send you a copy of our insurance certificate.

Q: What payment options do you offer?

A: We prefer an electronic transfer. We do offer PayPal, credit card payments, or cash. Please pay for your service in advance.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: In order to best serve your needs, the strict cancellation policy is subject to a 24-hour cancellation period. We do, however, understand that occasionally you or your dog may be sick and need to cancel the morning of your walk. In these cases, there will be no charge if you let us know with at least one hour’s notice.
OVERNIGHT STAY CANCELLATION POLICY: Due to the exclusive nature of overnight bookings, our dog nannies must decline all requests for overnights that coincide with the dates you have booked. You will be charged a fee of $15 per night, if the job is cancelled 2 weeks or less prior to the job start.

Q: Why would I get my dog a FitBark?

We thought the same thing when we saw FitBark, but then we tried it. It helped us to identify  that our dog was not well, because they were less active or sleeping more. We loved that it helped us to identify the magic number of daily steps needed to be a well-behaved sleeping dog at night. Click here to purchase a FitBark. 

Q: Do you have terms of service?

Yes, we sure do. Check them out here.


Q: What is your privacy policy?

Check them out here.


Q: Do you have any dog walking jobs?

If you think you have the skills to apply for a dog walking job with Fur Get Me Not then check out our career page. All helpers must be experienced, mature and have a strong understanding of positive reinforcement training techniques.


Q: Do you sell other pet supplies online?

Yes, we sell pet supplies online that help make responsible dog ownership easier. Check out our shop to see what we currently offer?


Q: I couldn’t find what I needed in your online pet supplies?

If you are a current client then we can help you find the online pet supplies you are looking for, just contact us and let us know what you need.

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