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So, you have searched “dog walkers” and there are pages of results. Overwhelmed by the options you have no idea where to start and how to decide which one is right for you and your dog. Most importantly, you need to think about what is important for you and your dog. So, we thought we would share our tips on what to ask to help you decide on which dog walker in Brisbane to trial dog walking services with.

Top tips for choosing the best dog walkers:

• Like I said, trial them. See what you get for your money. Has your dog’s behaviour improved or has it gotten worse? Keep in mind, that sometimes you get what you pay for. Cheap is not always better, in fact, often means that you have someone less experienced that walks large groups. This will mean that your dog is more exposed to safety risks and does not get the opportunity to have individualised attention.

• Get them to meet with you and your dog. Observe how they interact with your dog and how your dog interacts with them. Is your dog showing stress signals? Do they reinforce negative behaviours or worse are harsh to your dog?

• Ask them lots of questions. Make sure you are comfortable with how they will handle and train your dog.

• Ask to see a copy of their insurance and check your local dog walker and all their services are listed on the policy.

• Get a copy of your dog walker’s national police clearance.

• Ask what their multiple dog policy is. If they walk multiple dogs at once, ask them how they screen dogs for appropriate behaviours. Also ask how they would maintain your dog’s safety if they were approached by an aggressive dog off-leash.

• Check out their Google and Facebook reviews. When searching for “Dog walkers” start enquiring with the services that have a five-star rating, not necessarily those on the first page.

• Check out their social media. This will give you a good idea as to what they do and what they believe in and whether the dogs look happy or stressed.

• Ask them what makes them different from other dog walkers.


I hope this helps you find the right dog walkers for you and your canine family. We of course are happy to answer any questions and you can read more about us here. Remember it’s all about you and your dog’s comfort, confidence and safety.

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