Free Puppy Classes | Adolescent and Puppy Playgroup

We run weekly free puppy classes. These are a separate puppy and adolescent playgroup held in our air-conditioned training centre. This is free for students who are paid and enrolled in one of our classes. (Contact us for your coupon code to enrol for free). Puppies who are not current clients pay $20 per 45 minute session.

Supervised by a qualified and positive dog trainer.  We will also teach you and your puppy appropriate play and how to read your dogs body language. This free puppy classes are a great way to ensure you are socialising your puppy in a safe, controlled and positive way.

The puppy group is for puppies 8 weeks of age to 20 weeks of age. Adolescent is for 21 weeks till 12 months of age. Some flexibility on age based on size and play styles. Puppy parents must be prepared to participate in the session.

All puppies must  not bark or lunge at other dogs or show any aggression to participate.

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Free Puppy Classes | Adolescent and Puppy Playgroup

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