Crate training your puppy

New puppies are the best! They smell so fun and funky-good. Puppies have boundless amounts of energy. They are soft and cuddly and playful.

But they need training, in everything. They need to learn how to calm themselves. Puppies need to understand where it’s appropriate (and not) to go to the bathroom. They need to learn not to jump or bite.

Some people view crates as punishment, but they’re not. Puppies and dogs crave secure spaces where they can safely relax without worry. And a crate is that. Have you ever noticed how dogs like to sleep underneath things, this is because it is natural for them to seek a secure and confined space. This is why we love crates and so do our dogs! But there are certain things you need to do in order to find the best crate for your puppy. For example, it needs to be big enough that they can stand up and move around. You also need to take the right approach with crate training your puppy to make sure it is a safe and secure place that they choose to hang out in, for more information on crate training read here. What else do you need to know? This graphic explains how to pick a crate.

Thank you to PupBox for sharing this great infographic with us!


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