Loose Leash Walking | Dog Obedience

Calling all pullers and runners! This six week loose leash walking and recall course course is geared towards dogs who easily lose focus on a walk and excessively pull or don’t come when called.

How to train your dog to come when called – is such an important skill for dog parents to teach their dogs. There’s nothing scarier than watching a dog take off while their owner helplessly runs after them, screaming at them to come back.  It’s terrifying, stressful and overwhelming.  This course will help your dog to come when called and every time they are called and walk politely on a leash making the walk safe and enjoyable for you both! With a curriculum that concentrates on creating a focused, calm dog while integrating impulse control exercises. This course is hands on and uses obstacle courses with distractions to teach your dog to focus on you in all scenarios, while progressively challenging your skills each week so that you may succeed in the real world!


This will include: loose leash walking, having and keeping your dogs attention and leave it. Come when called- from any distraction! Including how to set your dog up not to chase wildlife! It will also include tips on how to make the walk more enjoyable for both you and your dog. This class is not suited to dogs that show aggression or reactivity to other dogs on leash. Ideally you will have some knowledge of positive reward based training.

  • Friendly qualified instructor with a passion for enabling confident and resilient dogs
  • Positive reward based training
  • Small class sizes – no more than 5 dogs
  • Individual attention
  • Fun, sociable and informative
  • 6 x 45 minute sessions
  • Families, including well-behaved children 10 years and over are welcome

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