Shark Tails 1kg

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Shark Tails

Shark Tails are strong and chewy making them a great dental treat and long lasting entertaining chew for medium and large dogs.  This flake shark is caught off our northern Queensland waters and is in a sustainable fashion.

Fish dog treats tend to have a high natural level of omega 3 and 6 which have a lot of claimed health benefits for joints, skin and coat.

Sizes: . 1kg bulk come in a resealable flat bag. Batches can vary in size and thickness but from a random check of a kilo bag we checked they weighed about 60g each on average.

Ingredients: 100% flake, no preservatives, additives, colourings, nothing….just dried shark skin

Source: Caught and dried in Australia using certified sustainable methods.

 If this product is ordered prior to the third Thursday of the month it is then shipped to you on the 4th Thursday of the month. 


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