Adolescent and Advanced Puppy School | Puppy ClassEarly socialisation is critical to the development of a well-adjusted dog. We provide a safe, fun environment to enable your puppy to develop good social skills, as well as good manners, at an early age during our puppy training.  This teenage puppy training school is specifically designed for teenage puppies who are aged 4 to 10 months of age. This course is great as a follow on from puppy school to take your puppy to the next level of manners or for pups that missed out on the critical socialisation provided in a puppy school. We keep our classes small (maximum of 5 dogs)  so we can provide individual attention and design the curriculum to meet your training needs.

**When you are currently enrolled in a class it includes free enrolement in our puppy or adolescent playgroup**

This course will focus on:

  • Teaching your pupppy to listen to you
  • Teaching impulse control so that your pup does not jump, bite, bark or pull.
  • Safe socialisation, and teaching your puppy good social and play skills.
  • How  to survive adolescence e.g. when your puppy really starts to test the boundaries.
  • Each group will also get the opportunity to pick what is covered based on their individual puppies needs.

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