Reactive Dog Training

Reactive Dog Training Course

7 Week Course (Same time and day each week for week 3-7)

This course is designed for dogs that have dog to dog reactivity or dog aggressive. Usually this means the dog will  lunge, bark or growl when they see other dogs. This reactive dog training course will help you to understand your dog’s behaviour. It will give you confidence and teach you the skills and knowledge to improve your dogs behaviour. This reactive dog course provides a safe and controlled learning environment to practice your new skills. The level of dog exposure will vary depending on your dogs level of reactivity. We believe in only providing a space for safe and positive experiences. If your dog is highly reactive we can use the scent of other dogs, physical or visual barriers or fake dogs.  Dogs who are mildly reactive or as your dog improves we may be able to use the sight of other dogs in the class at varying levels.


This  course is fully supervised by a qualified trainer with specialist skills in reactivity.  This course has  a maximum of four dogs in each class. Dogs that are severely dog aggressive (e.g. severly injuried another dog), aggression toward to people,  or have redirected and caused injury to another person are not appropriate for this class.

Course Structure:

Week 1 is at a negotiated time with the trainer and is an individual behaviour consult and assessment to ensure that you and your dog get the most out of this course and that your dog is appropriate for the course. You will also be provided with individual advice and referrals to get you started. If we do not believe your dog to be appropriate for a group setting you will then be offered private sessions instead (no additional charge).

Week 2 is online orientation and the time to implement strategies given in your indivdual consult

Week 3-7 These sessions will be at the scheduled time and day advised at time of enrolement and in a group environment. Depending on the mental health of each individual dog as to what exposure they will have in the group. Some dogs may be more appropriate to be working with fake dogs or scent. The safety and well-being of each individual dog is our number one priority.  This means no class is the same as it’s individualised to set each individual dog up for success and positive experiences.

If you are unsure if this Reactive Dog Training Course is for you, give us a call.

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