Reactive Dog Training 

Many dog training schools offer a reactive dog training course designed for dogs that have dog to dog reactivity or dog aggression. Usually, this means your dog will lunge, bark or growl when they see other dogs in a public environment.

However, we have found that it is far more effective to provide you with a behaviour consult package and work with you and your dog one on one. This will ensure you truly understand your dog’s behaviour, give you confidence and teach you the skills and knowledge to improve your dogs behaviour. Fur Get Me Not believes that this is the best way to provide your dog a safe, controlled learning environment and most importantly assess your dog’s behaviour to ensure you get the right help and help you to practice your dog’s new skills.  If after the behaviour consult package it is appropriate (your dog is able to cope with) then we can book further sessions in your local neighbourhood to ensure you take your dog to the next level.

These sessions are conducted by Cassandra Roland who has specialist skills in dog reactivity.

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To discuss what you are looking for call Cassandra on 0402 767 821 or  contact us here.

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