Reactive Dog Training

This reactive dog training course is designed for dogs that have dog to dog reactivity or are dog aggressive. Usually, this means the dog will lunge, bark or growl when passing other dogs. This reactive dog course will teach you the skills and knowledge to improve your dogs behaviour. This course provides a safe and controlled learning environment to practice your new skills in the presence of other dogs. This course is held in a large open space that is away from people, traffic and dogs to help create a positive learning environment for the dogs.

This 6 week reactive dog training course is fully supervised by a qualified trainer with qualifications and specialist skills in reactive behaviour. This course has  a maximum of four dogs in each class. Dogs that are severely dog aggressive, aggression toward to people,  or have redirected and caused injury to another person are not appropriate for this class. It may be more appropriate to book a private training session. If you are unsure if this class is for you contact us to discuss:

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