COVID- 19 | Fur Get Me Not policy and statement 

  • There is no evidence to say that dogs can contract or carry novel corona virus.
  • Given our infection control procedures and the distance and space we use in private training and classes it is considered very low risk. Our outdoor classes are considered no risk as you will be minimum 4m from all other people and not be touching any surfaces.
  • We use F10 as our disinfectant which kills all types of pathogen it is bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, sporicidal. One of its active ingredients is listed as able to disinfect against COVID-19. This is what is in all our spray bottles at the centre and if you are worried you are more than welcome to spray yourself with this, we do this as a precaution all the time.
  • We will attempt to minimise disruption to classes but please be patient with us, there may be delays due to trainers taking extra precautions.
  • We recommend using the hand sanitiser on the reception desk as you come into our space.
  • If you are unwell, we recommend you stay home and see your GP. We will also do the same.
  • Indoor classes, if you advise in advance we can attempt to video the class for you.
  • Private training can be done by phone or video.
  • You can return to class if you are cleared by your doctor or attend and wear a face mask.
  • If you are concerned at all, you are more than welcome to wear a face mask.
  • We will spray and wipe with F10 all doorknobs and counter tops before and after classes.
  • We will spray ourselves with f10 before and after classes.
  • We will spray all chairs with F10 before and after classes.
  • We will maintain 2metres from you at all times and set up classes so that you can maintain 2meters or more at all times from other people in the class.
  • Just to be extra sure, we will go home to a glass of our favourite alcoholic beverage.

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