Our dogs are part of the family, so it makes sense to give your dog a Christmas gift and to include them in the fun of receiving presents.

There are many kinds of Christmas gifts for dogs.  There are gifts to increase their comfort, to improve their skills, to enrich and train their brain, to create fun or to reward them.

We’ve put together a list of the best dog Christmas gifts.  There are gifts suitable for active dogs and for dogs who love to relax too.   They’re the kind of gifts your dog would put on their Christmas gift list if they knew how to write.

Dog Christmas Gift Ideas | Ultimate Gift Guide for Dogs

Dog Christmas Gift Ideas | Ultimate Gift Guide for Dogs. There are many kinds of Christmas gifts for dogs

Puzzle Toys or Treat Dispensing Toys

Treat dispensing toys and puzzle toys are a great way to provide entertainment, mental stimulation and enrichment for your dog.  They can unlock your dog’s intelligence and keep their brain active.  Above all, mental stimulation and enrichment are important to your dog’s overall health and well-being.

A Crate

Why not treat your dog to their very own “happy place” and invest in a crate?  First of all, creating a happy, safe, enclosed space for your dog can help them feel secure and keep them safe when they are sick or recovering from injury.

With the right training, your dog’s crate will become their “security blanket” and they will like spending time in there.  We’ve written a blog about the secrets to crate training your dog which you can check out here.

Slow Feeder

We know dogs love their food, but it seems like some dogs inhale their food and eat too fast.  If your dog eats quickly, why not give them a special feeding dish, an “anti-gobbling bowl” or a puzzle feeder.

Dog Travel Kit

A great idea for dog owners is a dog travel kit.  Designed to stay in the car, a dog travel kit will ensure owners are well-prepared for their adventures with their dogs with everything they could possibly need.  A dog travel kit should include a portable dog bowl, a water bottle, doggy bags, a collar-attachable torch and a spare collar and emergency leash.

Gift Certificate

Still stuck for ideas?  Then why not buy a dog gift certificate?

We offer dog gift certificates.  Why not treat your dog to some of our products or services? Get your dog gift certificate here.

There are plenty of ideas for dog Christmas gifts.  Good luck with your dog Christmas gift shopping!