While your dog loves your company, the truth is they need many forms of entertainment, mental stimulation and enrichment.  Nina Ottosson dog toys are a great way to unlock your dog’s intelligence and to keep their brain active.  Providing mental stimulation and enrichment is important for your dog’s overall health and well-being.

Think of Nina Ottosson dog toys as the Einstein-builders in the dog world.

How do Nina Ottosson dog toys work?

Nina Ottosson dog toys come with multiple levels.  They use compartments, pegs, chambers or drawers for hiding your dog’s favourite treat or food.  To find the hidden treat your dog needs to work out how to lift blocks, turn discs or push blocks.   Your dog must use their senses and their paws, nose, mouth or teeth to solve the puzzle.

What are the pros?

Nina Ottosson dog toys provide the mental stimulation your dog craves.  They will also reinforce your bond with your dog through interactive play.

You should always supervise your dog when playing with puzzle toys.  But you can sit down and relax while they figure it out.  Watching and guiding your dog to learn, hunt down the treats and solve the puzzle is rewarding for both you and your dog.  It leads to a deeper understanding of your dog and their needs.

There is a large range of different puzzles to choose from.  You will find a toy to match your dog’s size, intelligence, experience and activity level.

The toys are portable, durable, easy to clean and appropriate for dogs of all sizes and ages.

What are the cons?

There are a few downsides to treat hiding toys.

A treat hiding puzzle will not provide the level of mental stimulation your dog craves if your dog is not food motivated.

Of course, puzzle toys cannot replace regular exercise.  Interactive dog toys are invaluable on really stressful days or days when you are tired or unwell.  Using interactive dog toys on these days will provide your dog some guilt-free mental stimulation.

There are lots of ways to mentally challenge your dog, but Nina Ottosson dog toys are one of the easiest and best ways of preventing boredom and other undesirable behaviours.

Discover a Nina Ottosson dog toy that suits your dog’s needs by visiting our website at https://furgetmenot.com.au/budget-pet-products/


Pictured below is Fur Get Me Not family members Abby, Jasco & Hailey testing out the puzzles. 

Product Review: Nina Ottosson Dog Toys | Why Use Interactive Dog Toys?