Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Services Provided by Fur Get Me Not

Fur Get Me Not’s mission is to improve the wellbeing and mental health of dogs. This means that we will always attempt to provide the right advice and type of service ensuring to never proceed in a way that we believe would be damaging to your dog’s wellbeing.

We are qualified behavioural trainers and veterinarians which means we will always put your dog’s mental health and physical health first which may mean that our advice may be different from what you may have expected.

We are considered a low to no risk of any virus spread due to the fact that we have always had a high level of infection control and been social distancing for years to help your dog be calm and focus. The safety of you and your dog is our highest priority. Which may mean that we need to make changes to how we do things and provide your service to ensure we continue to be low and no risk.

Please note that we are a small business that needs to continue if it is safe to do so and this can be a good time for you to work on your dogs behaviour too whilst at home more. Our strict cancellation and refund policy will still apply if you are unable to attend. Bay Island residents and only residents only can reschedule appointments if you give us a minimum of 72 hours notice. For private training you can elect to have the session via phone or video if you give less than 72 hours notice otherwise you forfeit the session. All other areas we can not offer reschedules due to travelling from Russell Island and having to book other clients and transport in advance.

You recognise that there is some degree of risk attached to any treatment or behaviour training process. You have discussed any concerns you may have with us in advance. You hereby absolve this facility, Cassandra Roland, staff, veterinarians and trainers from all actions, arising directly or indirectly from services. You shall indemnify all staff and the business and/or any other party against any loss, damage or injury against which you/or any other party might suffer directly or indirectly as a result of your dog or yourself attending a consultation, classes or private training sessions with any of our staff, veternarians or trainers.

You accept responsibility for the actions and behaviour of any other people who attend the session, consultations or private training sessions with you.

You understand that for the accuracy of case records, we may voice and/or video record the full or parts of the consultation or class. This information remains in the possession of Fur Get Me Not and will only be used for training and reference purposes or referral.

You understand and accept that you will pay the full fee at the time of making an appointment or by the required due date on the invoice for travel or additional sessions.

You understand that if your pet requires medication then additional fees will apply (script fees and medication are not included as part of the package). You also understand that if you choose to see the Behaviour Vet via zoom you will need to have a General Practice Veterinarian that can dispense medication based on the Behaviour Vet’s advice.

You acknowledge that any product recommendations are made with best of intentions based on anecdotal evidence and that Fur Get Me Not cannot make any guarantees as specific outcomes for your pets.

You take full responsibility for your pet’s behaviour prior to, during and after working with Fur Get Me Not.

You acknowledge that you understand that poor weather or threat of poor weather, instructor illness and other events outside of our control may mean that the dates and the time of booking may change.

You will advise us in advance if you (or anyone in your household) or your dog is unwell.

You understand that you will not be able to attend training services if you, or a member of your household (including your dog) is possibly suffering from a contagious illness. If you advise us with less than 72 hours notice the session will be held via phone or online. This includes any mild symptoms of a cold, flu, virus, or possible COVID symptoms.

You agree to always “err on the side of kindness” with all methods and interactions with your dog. This means you will not use any techniques or equipment that will cause your dog any pain, discomfort or fear. That means No shock, No pain, No choke, No fear, No physical force, No compulsion based methods are ever employed to train or care for your pets.

We can help you address the underlying emotion through our private behavioural consultation package. Our priority is your dog’s wellbeing. We believe that addressing your dog’s mental health is far more important than tricks, manners or obedience. In fact, your dog cannot effectively learn if they do not have optimal mental health.

You will receive a text message with as much notice as possible if a session needs to be rescheduled. You will not be offered a refund as your session will just be delayed to another date.

During our Behaviour Consults and Assessments we spend a lot of time making sure we really understand your dog. This includes taking a detailed history and understanding the dog’s genetics as well as the learning and environment that your dog has been exposed to.

If your dog is experiencing a behavioural concern, we may not do as much “training” as you may expect as we will be focused on addressing the underlying emotional state to ensure lasting change and effective assessment and treatment.

We may refer you to a behaviour vet. Don’t worry if we do as your time with us will have not been wasted. We have a relationship with a behavioural vet so that we can pass on our assessment and advice to, which will help you get the most out of your session with them.

We won’t provide any quick fixes. Once a behavioural issue has developed there are, unfortunately, no quick fixes. No modern behavioural trainer should be recommending any quick fixes as this would just be a band-aid and potentially cause long term damage.

We stand by our advice and if we believe it would be detrimental to your dog’s mental health to proceed with any training or behaviour modification, we may require you to seek the assistance of a specialist to proceed.

Unfortunately, dogs cannot sit down and tell us about their trauma, experiences or thoughts. This means treating behavioural issues can be complex and, although we can usually give a pretty accurate assessment of what we believe is going on and the best course of action early in the assessment, at times this may change based on further information and how your dog specifically responds to our initial advice. As such we can not offer any guarantees.

During private training you will disclose all information regarding your pet’s past and present. This information is vital to being able to fully assess your situation and make the correct assessment.

You agree and understand that you are required to still complete this pre-session questionnaire to assist me in my preparation minimum 24hrs prior to the appointment. If you do not complete the required questionnaire your session will be cancelled and you will be charged a late cancellation fee of 50% of the session fee.

You give permission for Fur Get Me Not to contact your designated GP Veterinarian(s) and Behavioural Veterinarian to give and request clinical histories with the purpose of ensuring everyone who sees your pet regularly is up to date with the recommended treatment plan.

Travel Information (not included when booked online you will be invoiced after your booking is processed):
No charge for sessions at Online, Russell Island, Macleay, Karragarra & Lamb.

Brisbane, Logan & Bayside flexibility is required as I am travelling from an island and booking transport and multiple clients in for the trip. Specific days and times outside of what is available online can be requested and negotiated. Also, travel fee may be able to be reduced if I have other clients in your area.

Under 10klm of Redland Bay Marina:
Rate is only charged one way but per session and the starting address Redland Bay Marina.
Monday till Friday between 7am and 2.30pm and Saturday & Sunday $15
Monday till Friday after 2.30pm $25

10klm and over but under 20klm of Redland Bay Marina:
Rate is only charged one way but per session and the starting address Redland Bay Marina.
Monday till Friday between 7am and 2.30pm and Saturday & Sunday $35
Monday till Friday after 2.30pm $50

20klm and over but under 30klm of Redland Bay Marina:
Rate is only charged one way but per session and the starting address Redland Bay Marina.
Monday till Friday between 7am and 2.30pm and Saturday & Sunday $55
Monday till Friday after 2.30pm $70

30klm and over but under 40klm of Redland Bay Marina:
Rate is only charged one way but per session and the starting address Redland Bay Marina.
Monday till Friday between 7am and 2.30pm and Saturday & Sunday $65
Monday till Friday after 2.30pm $80

40klm and over but under 50klm of Redland Bay Marina:
Rate is only charged one way but per session and the starting address Redland Bay Marina.
Monday till Friday between 7am and 2.30pm and Saturday & Sunday $85
Monday till Friday after 2.30pm $120

You acknowledge that you have read these conditions and hold yourself bound thereto.

Contact us to book your next service.


Whatever the scenario you find yourself in, we can help by revealing an effective gentle communication which all dogs understand. Once you learn and adopt this communication, your dog will look to you for guidance in each and every area of their lives. As a result of this positive communication, all undesirable behaviour will disappear to create a happy, calm and positive relationship.

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  • 0402 767 821
  • info@furgetmenot.com.au

Jane Anderson
Jane Anderson
Thank you for helping us to decide on whether we were suitable for rehoming a rescue, Cassie. You asked super valuable questions and really listened to our concerns. You helped us to make a conscious choice about what is right for us and take the steps to determine that we were doing the right thing. Ultimately we decided we weren't ready to be a 2 dog family, and we're so glad to gain this insight before taking on a commitment to a second dog. Thank you so much for your advice and support. - Mark, Jane, and Winston
Jannine Gearon
Jannine Gearon
Cassie is so great at thinking outside the box. She has a really flexible approach to training and finds what works for you and your dog. I highly rate her
Sarah Swann
Sarah Swann
The communication was wonderful. They sent weekly reminders about the classes and would even send us a text before the class started. They were happy to answer any questions and would even stay behind after to go through any concerns I had with my dog’s behaviour at home. Tara was amazing and soooo great with buckwheat. Would happily go to another class that she was teaching.
Tamara Milne
Tamara Milne
We are so appreciative of the private dog training we did with Alicia and Cassie. They are both incredibly knowledgable and professional in their approach, and both went out of their way to provide additional help and support. Our great dane has benefited immensely from this training and we couldn't recommend this service more highly!
Catriona Sutcliffe
Catriona Sutcliffe
I wanted some help with my new rescue dog’s on-leash walking manners. A week after a single one-on-one session with Tara, and it’s like I’m walking a different dog. No more pulling! She gave me some great strategies to help with reactive behaviours and some really simple tricks which just make life so much easier. Walks are now so much more enjoyable, and he’s gone from constantly pulling and paying absolutely no attention to me, to walking on a loose leash and constantly checking in with me during the walk. The one in one session was a great investment.
J Mertin
J Mertin
Thanks for offering training using modern science-based animal training methods! Such a refreshing change from the outdated, harsh methods and so much more effective, and fun!
Cassie was absolutely brilliant! I have been struggling with barking with my 6yr old anxious staffy for years. We felt like we had tried everything and Cassie came and it felt like she gave us those last few missing puzzle pieces. As soon as we started enacting her advice we have had a massive improvement and have not looked back since. Not only this but she arrived right on time and was super friendly and compassionate with zero judgement. I've been to a lot of people with my little one and I can happily say Cassie is by far the best trainer we have been to.
Lauren Cossettini
Lauren Cossettini
After just one private session with our new puppy, we feel far more confident that we will be able to address some of our concerns thanks to the support and professional advice we received. We would recommend the company to anyone experiencing the need for some professional support and advice. The ongoing support has also been most helpful!