Cassandra Roland

Business Owner, Director and Dog Trainer 

Cassandra is the owner of Fur Get Me Not. She established the business because she looked but could not find a similar service that she would be comfortable trusting her own dogs with.  Fur Get Me Not was created to be a professional dog service that offered quality, transparency, service and peace of mind like none other.

Cassandra’s non-canine professional background was working in executive positions in the not-for-profit sector. Now she happily works every day to improve the lives of the local canine community and train and support her contractors to be the best possible dog nannies.

Cassandra has welcomed German shepherds, Silky terriers, Rhodesian ridgebacks and Greyhounds into her family. She currently lives with a Whippet called Bones and her soulmate, Shimmy, who is a Kelpie cross.  She is always continuing her studies and professional development as a dog trainer. This is to ensure she is up to date with science and modern positive reinforcement-based training.  She is certified in Canine First Aid and has completed an advanced certificate in Canine Reactive Behaviour with Distinction and studies in Canine Coaching. Not only is Cassandra passionate about helping busy people give their dog the life they deserve, but also assisting people to build the kind of relationship that she has with Shimmy through positive reinforcement-based training.

Kellie Hunt

Digital Content Manager

Kellie helps to create our digital content but she also loves dogs. Kellie has also been involved with our dog walking services.  She has also worked at a senior level in the corporate world. Kellie is enjoying the opportunity to combine her skills and knowledge with her passion and love of  dogs.

Kellie has also attended positive reinforcement-based training programs and seminars and is a whiz at teaching dogs to sit.

She owns dogs of her own, two cheeky Beagle, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel crosses named Benson and Jess.  She loves playing “find it games” with her dogs in their backyard, making them “hunt” for their food and treats.

Courtney Malcolm

Professional Dog Carer & Trainee Trainer

Courtney has a background in customer service and in hospitality management. Courtney has attended numerous postive reinforcement based training programs and is certified in Canine First Aid. She loves to use her knowledge and experience when Sitting, Training and Walking Fur Get Me Not clients. Courtney also makes handmade collars and bandanas for dogs. Courtney loves that she now gets to not just help to make dogs more pretty and handsome but give them the behaviour to match!

Courtney’s love of her life is her German Shepherd Loki, who when she isn’t working she loves spending time with, taking him to the beach, training and playing fetch.

Gigi Lacey

Professional Dog Carer & Safety Advisor

Gigi has spent most of her working life working in quality management and safety in the not-for-profit sector – this partly explains why she loves spending time with dogs!

Gigi is a qualified Fire Safety and Workplace Health and Safety Advisor.  She is certified in Canine First Aid and has attended many positive behaviour reinforcement classes, which she uses when doing sitting and walking with Fur Get Me Not’s clients.

When Gigi is not doing things with Fur Get Me Not, she loves spending time with her beautiful, but lazy whippet, Bones and Shimmy the Wonder Dog.

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