Cassandra Roland

Director and Behavioural Trainer 

Cassandra is the owner of Fur Get Me Not.  Fur Get Me Not is a modern dog training service driven by a commitment to positivity, quality, transparency, and service like none other.

Cassandra’s non-canine professional background was working in executive positions in the not-for-profit sector. Now she happily works every day to improve the lives of the local canine community.

Cassandra has welcomed German shepherds, Silky terriers, Rhodesian ridgebacks and Greyhounds into her family. She currently lives with a Whippet called Bones and her soulmate, Shimmy, who is a Kelpie cross.  She is always continuing her studies and professional development as a behavioural trainer and travelling around the country to ensure she brings the most current and effective training methods to her clients. She is committed to modern positive reinforcement-based training only and believes this is the only effective method to get a well mannered and happy dog. Cassandra has also been mentored by a leading Behavioural Vet to enhance her knowledge and skills in supporting dogs with mental health issues. 

She has an advanced certificate in Canine Reactive Behaviour with Distinction, Certificate in Canine Anxiety with Distinction, studies in Canine Coaching and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Not only is Cassandra passionate about helping busy people give their dog the life they deserve, but also assisting people to build the kind of relationship that she has with Shimmy through positive reinforcement-based training.

Tara Ross

Dog Trainer & Blog Author

Coming soon. 


Gigi Lacey

Professional Dog Carer & Safety Advisor

Gigi has spent most of her working life working in quality management and safety in the not-for-profit sector – this partly explains why she loves spending time with dogs!

Gigi is a qualified Fire Safety and Workplace Health and Safety Advisor.  She is certified in Canine First Aid and has attended many positive behaviour reinforcement classes, which she uses when doing sitting and walking with Fur Get Me Not’s clients.

When Gigi is not doing things with Fur Get Me Not, she loves spending time with her beautiful, but lazy whippet, Bones and Shimmy the Wonder Dog.

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