Making the decision to complete some dog training is the easy part.  The hard bit can be choosing the right trainer for you and your dog.

There are a lot of local dog trainers out there, so how do you know if you’re choosing the right one?

Understand their training methods

Make sure you ask heaps of questions about the kind of training methods the dog trainer uses and why they use them.  A good local dog trainer will be able to explain their training techniques in simple language.

At Fur Get Me Not, we teach positive training methods which reinforce good behaviour using rewards like treats and toys or behavioural modifications like ignoring a dog when they jump up.

We do not use aversive training methods like leash corrections, prong collars and shock collars.

Professional associations and education

There are no special requirements to become a local dog trainer and start a training business.  It is largely an unregulated industry.

When choosing a local dog trainer, look for one who is a member of an association such as the Pet Professional Guild of Australia.

Like many professions, dog training methods are constantly being updated.  Find a dog trainer who keeps updated with the latest ways of teaching by taking classes themselves or attending seminars and conferences.

Trust your instincts

This is also just good general life advice – always go with your gut.

If it doesn’t feel right, then maybe you need to go with someone else or do some more research.

If your dog is normally a friendly dog but acts reserved or anxious around the dog trainer then you may want to meet some other trainers.  It might be a good idea to ask around about the dog trainer and their training techniques.

If your dog trainer has never owned and trained their own dog, run for the hills.

Once you have chosen your dog trainer, make sure you know what you need to bring to the training programs.  The most important thing is a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.

By actively participating in your dog’s training program, you will help your dog become a well-behaved member of your family and safer member of your community.

For more information about the training programs offered by Fur Get Me Not, visit here.