Most owners know that one of the first things you should do when you decide to get a puppy is to enrol in puppy school. Not only do you get valuable advice and access to safe socialisation, but you get some much-needed support through those tough puppy moments. So why should you go onto further formal classes after puppy school?

You may think that you now have the basics and there are plenty of online resources. The internet is a fantastic thing, but when it comes to dog training it has failed so many people and dogs. Sadly, a large proportion of content online promotes ineffective methods or, worse still, harmful methods. The internet also can’t provide you the ongoing feedback and individualise training based on assessing your individual dogs learning style.

Behavioural Issues associated with not doing more than Puppy School

According to a study by P. Bennett just over 20% of people go onto more formal training with their dogs.  Another study conducted by A.G Mart?nez found over 80% of dogs had some form of behavioural issue. We think there is no coincidence in those numbers.  We also rarely see behaviour issues in our clients whose puppies have graduated from more than just puppy school.  So be in the top 20% of people and enrol in more training. You don’t have to enrol at Fur Get Me Not (of course we would love that) but you can also find other great trainers committed to modern and force free methods via the Pet Professional Guild.

So what other training options are there? There are many different options including advanced puppy school which will teach things like advanced impulse control and mat training. Also can work on recall and loose leash walking. Or you can do things like trick and problem solving training or even scent detection and/or teaching your dog body awareness. If you have a busy schedule and classes don’t work, then private training is another option. To check out what classes you can do after puppy school at Fur Get Me Not go to our online booking system. 

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