This week my humans introduced me to my first puppy collar. This is what happened.

Day One:

My humans came home and they put this soft piece of material on the ground.  It smelt a bit funny. Because of this I didn’t want to go too close. My humans let me look at this new thing at a distance I felt safe. Then they gave me some chicken just for looking at this thing they call a ‘puppy collar’.

After a bit of time hanging near my humans and getting some more chicken, I felt comfortable enough to walk closer to this puppy collar thing and check it out. I got to have a good sniff, and apart from the weird smell it seemed pretty safe. Then I got more chicken. After a few more sniffs I gave an experimental chew on the plastic clip, but my humans told me that the roo tendon they gave me instead would taste better. They were right.

Later that day, after a sleep, I saw this puppy collar again. This time my humans held the collar out flat in front of me. I got some tasty treats just for looking at the collar. When I chose to go near them and the collar I got more treats.  My human then gave me a gentle scratch on the side of my neck, just under my ear (they know my favourite spot already). When they were doing this, I felt the collar also rubbing against my neck. And I got some more tasty treats.

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