how to train your dog | Dog training brisbaneHow to train your dog to come when called – is such an important skill for dog parents to teach their dogs.  I offer recall training in my Brisbane dog training programs as well as when I’m working with individual clients.

There’s nothing scarier than watching a dog take off while their owner helplessly runs after them, screaming at them to come back.  It’s terrifying, stressful and overwhelming.

So here’s the million dollar question, “how to train your dog to come when called?

The simple answer is, you must train your dog to come on command and here are 3 recall training tips to get you started.

  1. Highly prized treats

If there is ever a time to use highly-prized treats to train your dog, then it’s when you’re teaching them the recall command.

Think about it.  When using a recall command, you’re asking your dog to stop doing something that they really want to do when they’re excited and to come all the way back to you. They’re not going to do that for just a pat.  They need a big reward.

Find out what your dog really likes and reward them with a highly prized treat when they come to you when called.

  1. Keep control

Use a long lead while training your dog to come on command.  Reward them with a highly prized treat when they come to you voluntarily or after a bit of encouragement.

  1. Give one clear, consistent command

Be honest, how many different names, phrases or voices do you use when you call your dog? It’s okay, we all do it.  But using different words, terms and tones of voice can be really confusing for our dog.  The key is staying calm and using a consistent command in the same constant tone of voice.

And whatever you do, don’t tell them off when they finally arrive. It’s so easy to ruin a great recall by yelling at our dog angrily when they finally come.  Yelling at them angrily will only teach them not to come when called.  Who wants to come when called when you’re reward is being yelled at?

To discover more tips on how to train your dog to come every time you call, enrol in one of our Brisbane group training classes.