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What is Positive Reinforcement Training?

Positive reinforcement training is a type of learning that works perfectly for dogs. It is also the only method we use here at Fur Get Me Not. It is based on motivation and enjoyment which naturally leads to quick and happy learning experiences, trust and a highly positive relationship between a dog and their life partner.

We use positive reinforcement training to speak not only to the dog but also to their brain chemistry. Anything that produces a nice result will fire up the brain’s reward area and the neurotransmitter dopamine. This biological event aids motivation and memory so the dog learns, remembers and enjoys the lesson.

Positive reinforcement simply means that we add something nice to a situation when a dog is carrying out a behaviour which we would like him/her to repeat. It always works if it’s carefully timed.

Try waiting until your dog does something you like, then marking that behaviour with a clicker or appropriate work like “yay” and reward with a treat or something else your dog loves, like a favourite game or toy. A few repetitions of this and the dog will make the link between the behaviour and the reward and will create a very solid behaviour that the dog will start to offer.

Some examples that we use and teach all our clients:

  • Reward your dog for all four paws on the ground and ignore jumping up.
  • Reward a barking dog when he/she falls silent and ignore the barking.
  • Reinforce and reward a loose leash and walk back when the dog pulls.

Any behaviour that you focus on will be repeated so focus on the behaviours you desire. The dog will soon realise which produces a treat and repeat that far more often.

Sometimes dogs find the most surprising things rewarding, so get to know your dog’s preferences carefully. Remember that telling your dog off or pushing your dog away is giving your dog attention and therefore can be reinforcing to the behaviour.

Always offer a treat for the behaviour you want and ignore everything else.

This is the training philosophy we use for our dog walking Brisbane. Fur Get Me Not believes every service is an opportunity for learning and will use these techniques to improve your dogs manners and behaviours. We will also share these skills with you so that you can create consistency at home. Consistency is what will give you harmony in your home. To enquire about our services contact us here. 

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